Elementor #4620

About Me

Artist Statement

“Representing the undercurrent of what seems to be visible, my paintings are about a world beyond—inner and outer. Currents of energy in color and light, flowing, dancing, melting and blending into each other creating a scene that is fantastic and infinite.
Bringing forth all that is possible through imagination—mine as well as the viewer, to be lost in the moment, be and become one with what is present.
Multidimensional and unique, my paintings are created through combining minerals, acrylic ink, fabric dyes and oil on canvas. Layering of one or all mediums, results in crystal formation, and a sense of fluidity and translucency on the surface, complemented by organic lines to create movement and form.
Crystal formations on the canvas, representing the physicality of life—beautiful and intriguing, delicate and hard. The hardness of the surface is the life itself—filled with joy and challenges at the same time. The delicateness of the crystals, a testimony to the temporality and beauty of life in the same breath. Each crystal different than the next, present another layer of what exist in life—our diversity—formed from the same source becoming different in shape as they form onto the canvas.
My paintings come from my heart with the hope to touch the hearts and souls of my viewers, to bring them joy, lift their spirit and transcend the moment to one beyond this world.”